a watched pot


I found myself waiting this Saturday.  My daughter was away and due to board a plane and I was waiting.  My youngest daughter wanted some dinner, so I was boiling water and realized, again, I was waiting.

I needed a distraction, and, my camera is my friend.  She is so good at soothing my nerves, cooling my anxieties, and generally telling my brain to shut up.

When I finished taking some photos, some good, some not as good, I felt better.  My daughter’s plane was out of my control, but, she would be home soon.  And, as a plus, my youngest would be fed.

It just made me laugh a little when I thought of the old phrase, “a watched pot never boils”, because while I was taking photos, it did.  And, while waiting, my daughter boarded her plane.

While waiting, my younger daughter ate her dinner, so sounds like that old phrase did not apply to me, that day.

Please visit my favorite Macro teacher Tiffany Kelly’s beautiful images in our Macro Monday blog circle!

4 Responses to “a watched pot”

  1. Iris

    What a neat macro image. never thought to photograph boiling water. 🙂

    • Elizabeth Partin

      Thanks, it just occured to me when I was watching it, no joke… I liked the dark tones, and just thought “wonder what this would look like”

  2. Jessica Nelson

    Oh this is super cool. I love the details of the little bubbles. 🙂

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