some delicate snowflakes

I really do not like being cold.  I am a baby about the cold… there, I said it so you do not have to remind me… but, give me beautiful snowflakes, and I can bear the cold.

Crazy thing about Kentucky, it was 60 degrees Saturday, then we had a Tornado Watch, and later that evening, we had a Winter Warning with sleet and cold warnings issued.

Mark Twain is quoted as saying it about New England, but it was true here this week… “don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”.


Please enjoy my dear friend Iris in our Macro Monday circle, check her out here, at Iris Nelson Photography


macro-sun-98-of-286-edit macro-sun-91-of-286-edit macro-sun-27-of-286-edit-2


3 Responses to “some delicate snowflakes”

  1. Iris

    These are awesome. It is amazing to me that you got such great details out of the snow flakes. The last snow I saw in person was 25 years ago in Germany.

    • Elizabeth Partin

      I love the snowflakes Iris, and this was with my 100mm macro.. but I really really can pass on being cold. I even had hand warmers and my fingers were ice cubes… but, I have always had trouble staying warm.
      If you come to Kentucky anytime between November and March, you MIGHT see some snow… or 70 degrees 🙂

  2. Jessica Nelson

    These are beautiful Elizabeth! I love photographing snow too but like you, I much prefer being warm. 🙂

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