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some delicate snowflakes

I really do not like being cold.  I am a baby about the cold… there, I said it so you do not have to remind me… but, give me beautiful snowflakes, and I can bear the cold. Crazy thing about Kentucky, it was 60 degrees Saturday, then we had a Tornado Watch, and later that… Read more »

sea turtle hatching

Last summer, my family and I went to Jekyll Island, Georgia.  The wonderful people at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center called me a few days before we were scheduled to go out with them on a Night Patrol.  The kind lady told me they had no female turtles coming on the beach for a few nights… Read more »

Pumpkins and mums

My youngest daughter is still willing to go with me to pick out pumpkins. She and I also pick out gourds, mums and tiny pumpkins; we get a little out of control with our squash choosing, but we have fun.   Hope you enjoy these macro selections and enjoy more macro images from Iris in our Monday Macro blog… Read more »

a walk in the Parklands

Last week, I took the dogs for a walk on the trails in the Parklands of Floyds Fork.  It is a wonderful privately funded park that I (and my fellow Louisvillians) have access to on a daily basis and it continues to grow. The dogs are always thrilled because there are ponds and rabbits and… Read more »

Guinea pig love

It has been a rainy day, and I have a cute chair… so naturally, I put my girls’ guinea pigs on the chair and take photos of them. I love them, I love their whiskers, their funny little noises and their twitchy noses.  Not everyone loves guinea pigs, and that is OK, I do. They… Read more »

a visit to the zoo

I love our zoo, the Louisville Zoo.  Even on the hottest days, the animals come out, and the day my girls and I went it was pretty toasty.  We really expected it to be a short trip, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the tiger, lion, lemurs, even the leopard was out, and we… Read more »