a walk in the Parklands

Last week, I took the dogs for a walk on the trails in the Parklands of Floyds Fork.  It is a wonderful privately funded park that I (and my fellow Louisvillians) have access to on a daily basis and it continues to grow.

The dogs are always thrilled because there are ponds and rabbits and turtles and smells, and I always have to decide whether I will run or take photos– usually it is both, which probably cuts into the actual

definition of running, but I don’t want to argue semantics, here… I was moving and stopping and there were wildflowers to be captured.  So, for me, all around, it was a good day.

I hope you enjoy these macro photography images.  I love capturing the dew drops and the moths, and the bees, and the chickory petals, so I hope you enjoy them as well.

Please gaze at more macro images by  Jessica next and visit her website at  The Gaggle Photography in our fun Macro Monday Blog circle!

2 Responses to “a walk in the Parklands”

  1. Iris

    Neat that you have a park close by so that you can capture images.
    You have a wonderful selection here. My favorite one is the last image with the dewdrops.

    • Elizabeth Partin

      Thanks Iris! This park keeps growing too, which makes it even better! The dewdrops was the hardest to get so thanks so much for your sweet comments! Can’t wait to meet you in person this week!!!

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