Guinea pig love

It has been a rainy day, and I have a cute chair… so naturally, I put my girls’ guinea pigs on the chair and take photos of them.

I love them, I love their whiskers, their funny little noises and their twitchy noses.  Not everyone loves guinea pigs, and that is OK, I do.

They have comforted my girls when they have been sad, or stressed or upset at what another child or friend has said to them.  They have comforted them in a way, I cannot, with no words, but soft whiskers and little chirpy noises.  I talk too much and while I am still here with hugs, they cannot carry me around to do their homework or to their rooms to listen to their music or to watch anime.  I want to fix things, and the piggies, just like nibbling and being there, and sometimes, that is the answer.

I love the guinea pigs and I hope you enjoy these photos.  I love macro photography with the guinea pigs, Scoobi and Bambi, two little female guinea pigs.  I think macro brings you up close and personal to them, because if you really enjoy these little critters, that is where you will want to be.


Enjoy another great photographer in our Macro Monday blog circle

The Gaggle Photography by Jessica Nelson

4 Responses to “Guinea pig love”

  1. Iris

    They are too cute. So neat that you got so close to them.

    • Elizabeth Partin

      Thanks Iris! I have so many really unfocussed shots of them because they shove their noses into my lens!!!

  2. Jessica Nelson

    OMGoodness this is just adorable. I love that little nose. Gorgeous colors too. 🙂 I am gearing up to shoot my daughters hamster soon. So cute.

    • Elizabeth Partin

      Thanks Jessica! They wiggle SO much, really hard to get with the Lensbaby, easier with 100, but, I do love them!

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