Visiting the Statue of Liberty

Our family took an amazing trip to New York City.  A visit didn’t seem complete without seeing and climbing into the Statue of Liberty.  I had to get tickets to the Crown over three months in advance, and I could only get three.  My husband had walked into the crown as a teenager and said he could pass this time.  My two daughters and I climbed the many steps — 354, but who counted?  No one has been able to visit the torch since World War II.

I could only imagine coming to this country and being greeted by this copper princess.  Living here my entire life, with generations before me, when our ferry drew up beside her, I felt so many emotions, but our ancestors before us did not have an easy pass to this country.

Medical tests, eye tests, and no guarantees of entry into a country that they had spent months on a ship with only hope and prayers as a guide.

The Statue itself is over 305 feet tall.  The 7 rays on her crown represent the seven continents and seven oceans indicating the universal concept of liberty.  At her feet, lie broken shackles with her right foot is raised, depicting her moving forward, free of oppression and tyranny.

She represents Libertas, the Roman goddess.  And, oh, what a goddess she is!


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