a visit to the zoo

I love our zoo, the Louisville Zoo.  Even on the hottest days, the animals come out, and the day my girls and I went it was pretty toasty.  We really expected it to be a short

trip, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the tiger, lion, lemurs, even the leopard was out, and we hadn’t see that creature in some time.

My favorite, I still think, is the orangutan, she and I always make eye contact, and it seems that there is just so much more to that being.

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Macro Monday for July 18, 2016

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July 11, 2016 Macro Monday

I have been taking a course to learn how to better use my lensbaby lens.  I am not sure how much progress I have made, but I have gotten a lot of practice.  This week I have been “tilting” and let’s say

it is definitely an exercise in not pulling my hair out.  I have also been learning how to build a new website and blog, also an exercise in not pulling one’s hair out…


I hope you enjoy my echinacea… they were not tortured in my learning exercises this week, no matter what the honeybees will say!

and if you would like to see more beautiful photos, please check out some of my friends in my Macro Monday blog circle, please visit my friend Iris


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  1. Kathy Linford

    Love these Elizabeth! My favorite is the top one. Such detail!

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Louisville based Fine Arts With Brown and Blue Photography

I am Elizabeth Partin and I am Brown and Blue Photography!  I have dabbled in all sorts of photography and will most likely continue to do so, but I really enjoy

the smallest details to the largest landscapes.  I enjoy the whiskers of the dog to the entire band of horses.

I am a Kentucky girl and have lived in the Louisville area for over 20 years.  I began my career in science but continually found myself in the darkroom of almost every

laboratory I worked, dodging and burning, enlarging and focusing on each grain.  I love microscopic details and being an observer of nature and the wonder of it all, so

I do not see that science and photography are mutually exclusive, I see them as partners.

Please look through my photos on my blog and on my website and contact me if you see something that would compliment your home or office, or if you have an idea

and would like to work together.

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